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The Accord Power Advantage

Excellent Customer Service

Accord Power's goal and promise is to provide you with the easiest, most stress-free turn key solar installation possible. When you sign up with us, you buy into that promise as well as into a greener tomorrow. Every solar project is assigned a competent project manager dedicated to answering all your questions and assuring your solar investment is done in a timely manner. Solar is a smart investment, let Accord Power make it a hassle-free investment as well.

Flexible Financing

Always thought about solar but don't know if you can afford the costs? Think again! Our flexible financing plans allow you, the customer, to choose the best plan to fit your own unique needs. We understand that cookie cutter financing is not what you want or deserve, real life is hardly cookie cutter and we can tailor our programs to fit your needs. You have the choice of going from no money down, low monthly payments to owning the entire system yourself.

Not sure what's best for you? Don't worry! Let our knowledgeable and professional team explain all the intricacies of the solar process. We are dedicated to informing our customers so that they can make the best decisions for themselves!

Lowest Price Guaranteed

Solar is green not only because it is good for the environment, it helps you save tons of money too! Accord Power has deep relations with warehouse sellers that allow us to provide you with the best possible prices. We understand that in this economy, being savvy with your money is extremely important, and so we are dedicated to getting the best rates possible. Give us any competitor's quote and we guarantee we will match or beat their prices!

Top of the Line Equipment

The most expensive equipment doesn't always guarantee the best product. Accord Power prides itself on having deep industry knowledge and experience that lets us know the difference. We know that solar is a long term investment and we take that fact seriously. Accord Power is devoted to designing and building a top quality photovoltaic system that will last at least 20 years, if not more. It is engrained in our company's philosophy to provide a solar product that will last. Let Accord Power build you the quality solar system that you deserve!

Certified and Experienced Solar Team

Accord Power is proud to be a certified Solar PV Installer by the prestigious North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), the national standard in quality solar installers. We are also certified by Brooks Engineering, and Boots on the Roof certified. We are also a proud member of the SEIA. Our seasoned team has had hundreds of kilowatts of experience; this is not our first rodeo. You can be confident that Accord Power's certified and experience team will provide you the utmost in precision and quality for your entire solar project.

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